We use our SUN-TAG SLED practically everyday during calving. The unique design keeps the calf from falling or climbing out, and the cow usually follows nicely. It is also very durable. No cracks or breaks after three years of hard use. Trevor Himmelsbach, Twin H Cattle Co. Ltd.


We have been using our SUN-TAG SLED since 2005. Even with extensive use, in our cold SK, Canada winters, it doesn’t have any cracks . We like the fact that our calves can be safely placed in the sled without fear of rolling out. Cows can see their calves as we pull them to a more desired location.  Garry


My name is Elise Walker.  I am a rancher in Southern Alberta.  I got tired of tarp straps and bungee cords and cows in my face, so for Xmas a couple of years ago I bought my husband your calf sled for Christmas.  Best purchase of my life! Love it! Better yet HE loves it!  I bet we have sold many for you to our friends and neighbors, even had our vet buy one for their clinic. Elise


SUN-TAG SLED is highly functional, lightweight and durable.  I wouldn’t be without it!   L.T.


I like SUN-TAG SLED because it keeps me a safe distance from the cow when pulling the calf on the sled. I like it also because you don’t have to lift the calf into the sled. I like the leg notch for keeping the calf in the sleigh when pulling with the quad. The high sides are nice and the calf doesn’t fall out like other sleds with lower sides. I am so happy with it I bought a second one.   Russ Hofer



Sun-Tag Sled