SUN-TAG SLED is made from medium density polyethylene. It weighs approximately 24 lbs and comes with a 10 foot poly tow rope.

Sun-Tag SledSUN-TAG SLED is designed so the cow can see and smell her calf while it is safely in the sled.

  • Place SUN-TAG SLED near the calf.
  • Hook the calf’s hind leg whether the calf is standing or laying.
  • Pull the calf into the open end of SUN-TAG SLED laying the calf on it’s side.
  • Secure the top hind leg in the slot – between the ankle and the hock.
  • Pull the sled to the desired location.
  • Slide the leg out of the slot and raise the front end of the sled using the recessed handle causing the calf to slide out.


Visit our videos page to see Sun-Tag Sled in action.