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SUN-TAG SLEDS are available at Co-op stores in Western Canada, in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan
and parts of British Columbia. Contact your local Co-op for more information and to order sleds.
SUN-TAG SLED item number is 6054811, at Co-op stores.

SUN-TAG SLEDS are also available at UFA, ITEM # 1095265. Search www.ufa.com for the store location
closest to you.


SUN-TAG SLEDS can be purchased in parts of the United States through Runnings, ITEM #19110004,

with 43 stores in 7 states: Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, New York, New
Hampshire, Connecticut. Search www.runnings.com for the store location closest to you.

SUN-TAG SLEDS can be purchased from Western Ranch Supply, with three locations in Montana,
including: a location at 7305 Entryway Drive, Billings; 303 North 13 th Street, Billings; 4000 River Drive,
North Great Falls. Western Ranch Supply also delivers to all of Montana, northern Wyoming, and parts
of North Dakota. Search www.westernranchsupply.com for more information or phone 406-761-2160
for Great Falls store (toll free 1-800-548-5855); or phone 406-252-6692 for Billings stores (toll free 1-

SUN-TAG SLEDS can also be purchased from the manufacturer if you have a minimum order of 30. Go
to Purchase Order to complete an order form and email the order to info@suntagsled.com.

Contact us if you need additional information about SUN-TAG SLED:
Email: info@suntagsled.com Phone: 306-381-4097



Sun-Tag Sled